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Complaint Handling

At Activated we strive to deliver unbeatable service and customer care, we are committed to responding to customer feedback effectively and efficiently. Feedback assists us to improve our services and deliver better outcomes. Whilst there may be times where issues arise, and we may receive customer complaints.

We have set up this page to help manage and resolve complaints.

Scope of the Complaint

Complaints managed under this policy:
• Air conditioner Systems

• Heating Systems

• Solar PV System
• Service within Activated Solar/Electrical/Air
• Employees or Installers
• Warranty
• Rebates

Activated's Complaint Procedure

We will always try to find a resolution to all complaints at the time they are raised. However, if we need to investigate the complaint further in detail, we’ll aim to resolve it. We will ensure to have an outcome within ten working days of receiving the complaint in writing.

For any reason the complaint resolution is not going as fast as we set out we will communicate the need for more time and request a new time frame. During the resolution time our customer will be provided with updates via phone calls and emails about the progress.

If our customer is not satisfied with the decision, we will escalate and expedite the request to higher authority depending upon the nature of the complaint.

First point of contact for complaints will be handled by our post installation team if no outcome has been received then the post installation team will redirect the complaint to the management team who will be able to review and find the required resolution.

Activated Requires the following Information:
• Name and contact details
• Job/ contract number
• nature of the complaint
• remedy requested
• copies of evidence that supports your complaint
• details of conversation you may have had with the relevant people

In the case you would like to escalate a complaint within Activated or outside Activated, please use the following details:

Activated Office
Phone: 03 59409956

Australian competition and Consumer commission
Phone: 1300 302 502

Consumer Affairs Victoria
Phone: 1300 558 181

Clean Energy Council

Phone: 03 9929 4141

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