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Solar Warranty 

1. Terms 

a) These procedures set out the requirements, procedures and processes that apply to our warranties. 
b) These procedures should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions. 
c) The warranty period begins from the date of completion of the installation or the date of the invoice (whichever is later), as per the documentation provided to you at installation. 
2. System Warranty 

The Goods supplied by Activated Solar are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years. This covers: 
a) Components (such as inverters, panels and batteries). 
b) Materials (such as mounting systems, wiring, conduits, switches and fuses). 
c) Installation. 
d) Any other services performed by us under the agreement. 
3. Solar Panel Warranty 
The panels are warranted for the following period(s); 
a) 10 to 12 years – (dependent upon manufacturer warranty) the panels shall be free from any defect in materials and workmanship – this excludes impact damage. See clause 3. 
b) 25 years’ linear efficiency (will not drop below 80% of what is listed on the information on the back of the panel) performance warranty (please note this may change dependent upon your choice of panel). 
4. Inverter Warranty 
The inverters are warranted for the following period(s); 5 – 12 Years (depending upon the brand) 
5. Performance Warranty – 5 Years. 
6. Workmanship Warranty – 5 Years. 
7. All other products and services – 5 Years. 

8. Other Warranty – 5 Years including operation and performance of the whole PV system 

a) The individual manufacturer’s warranty may sometimes be longer than the system     warranty. 
b) Your warranty comprises of all consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law. 
  Our (Activated Solar) warranty may have an extended period. If so, the paperwork will be    required when you wish to lodge a warranty claim with us if it is outside the manufacturer    period. Please keep all documentation. We will attend and, if required, repair or replace at    our (Activated Solar) cost. 
d) Warranty periods may vary depending on component manufacturer or if we (Activated        Solar) have offered an extended warranty past the manufacturer’s warranty period; if we      (Activated Solar) have offered an extended warranty, any warranty claims will be covered       by us (Activated Solar). 
e) Any monitoring components, batteries or anything else not listed but are a part of the         system will have their own warranty after first 5 years – please refer to their warranty          documentation. We can provide this at your request. 
f) Warranty periods may vary depending on component manufacturer or if we (Activated         Solar) have offered an extended warranty past the manufacturer’s warranty period; if we    (Activated Solar) have offered an extended warranty, any warranty claims will be covered       by us (Activated Solar). 

Activated Solar Warranty is transferable to a successor purchaser of the premises who becomes the registered owner of the Premises, during the period referred to in the Terms and Conditions. 
9. Maintaining the Goods 

If you do not take reasonable steps to maintain your goods it may not perform properly and may affect the warranty. 
Reasonable steps to maintain the goods are required in order for any warranty work to be carried out. If there is a fault with the Goods you must notify us (Activated Solar) in a timely manner of any fault (within a month of knowing of the fault). 

9.1. Two yearly servicing – Recommended 

Activated Solar recommends that the Goods be serviced at least every 2 years as per the CEC guidelines which can be 
found at Occasionally, we may recommend you do so more frequently, depending on your location and other mitigating factors (beach location, residing on a dirt road etc.) 
You may engage your own installer to perform the maintenance, however, the works must be done; 
  - In accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications (as set out in the relevant manufacturer          warranty document). 
  - Using appropriate parts and consumables. 
  - By a CEC accredited installer. You can find an accredited installer in your area at and selecting “Location”. 

Activated Solar can also perform these regular services for you. This can be arranged by contacting our customer care. 
We will keep a record on your customer file of all services that we perform for you. If we do perform these regular services, they will be regarded as Other Services and subject to our Terms and Conditions. 

9.2. Service Records 

You should maintain written records of your services (including invoices) (maintenance records located in your User Manual) which state: 
  - When the Goods were serviced. 
  - The name of the servicing business and technician and confirmation whether they are CEC accredited (include CEC Accreditation Number). 
  - A detailed report including photos. 
  - Copy of your invoice. 
If you have any questions about the goods, or care or maintenance of the goods, please contact us. 
10. Exclusions 
This warranty does not cover: 
a) Any components, materials or workmanship or services of any description provided by or    for you by anyone other than by us or persons acting on our behalf. 
b) Works or services required or necessary to make the Premises suitable for the                  performance of the Installation, including, without limit, works or services involving the        replacement and repair of existing plumbing fittings, flue, piping, floor coverings, wiring,      roofing or tiling, or, the upgrade of any structural support at the premises (such as              additional supporting beams). 
c) Loss or damage arising from any matter happening post Installation such as weather           conditions, any animals, pests, vermin or similar events. 
d) Loss or damage arising from abuse, misuse, theft, vandalism or a Force Majeure Event. 
e) Consequential losses or loss of profit due to a government act, fire, explosion, accident,       discovery of hazardous material, civil commotion or industrial dispute. 
f) We will not be liable for issues caused by network problems such as voltage rise or power     surges or anything else outside of our control. 
g) Lack of maintenance. Once installed it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the             system is maintained on a regular basis. More information can be found here: 

 h) Our Goods are supplied with a manufacturer warranty. In some cases, this may be for a     time period that is longer than the PV system warranty. 
The manufacturer’s warranty document can be provided to you if you contact us. 
We take responsibility of the products used in the complete system for 5 years. Guarantee/Warranty is the responsibility of the manufacturer after the 5 years guarantee period provided by Activated Solar. 
To the extent necessary, we will take all steps to ensure that any of our rights under a Manufacturer Warranty are transferred to you. However, we make no representation, guarantee or statement that a manufacturer warranty will be transferrable by you to another party (including a prospective purchaser of the Premises) after 5 years of our guarantee period mentioned in the terms and conditions.  
Any rights that you may have in this regard are governed by the terms of the manufacturer warranty. 
Any warranty claim in connection with a manufacturer warranty must be made in accordance with the requirements and procedures contained in the applicable manufacturer warranty. If applicable to you, we will advise you of these requirements and procedures when you make a warranty claim under the warranty procedures. 

11. Claiming under Warranty 

Contact Details 
To make a warranty claim, you can contact Activated Solar with details of the defect or damage by post, telephone or email. Please include a photo of the defect or damage including serial numbers (if applicable). If panel(s) are affected then we require a photo of the full panel, not just the damaged part. Please also ensure there is a photo of the information on the back. 





For all warranty inquiries contact details are as follows: 

Activated Office
Phone: 03 59409956

Australian competition and Consumer commission
Phone: 1300 302 502

Consumer Affairs Victoria
Phone: 1300 558 181

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